SAGE CDL Training School -- Indianapolis, Indiana

by Ben Johnston Jr.
(Plainfield, Indiana)

SAGE Truck Driving School in Indianapolis was outstanding.

Before I went to SAGE I had gone to a quick "free" school called C1, but there were a huge number of students, people were failing and being kicked out, students were given very little time driving, and there were lots of complaints about getting stuck with a $6,000 bill for 2 weeks of BS "training". It was a madhouse and I quit. I'm glad I did because SAGE was night and day better.

The program was extremely thorough. The instructors were with me one-on-one in the truck for more hours than I can count. I really got to focus on backing skills -- and it paid off because I aced the CDL test and my road test at Schneider where I went to work.

I had read a lot about how good SAGE was, and how I should avoid the free or paid schools. I ignored the advice and I regret it. Schools that claim to be "free" or "paid" are anything but free or paid. All the students at C1 were stuck going to one company where they had to drive for a year for very low pay. That's how they can say it's "paid" since there is a low up front charge for the school, but for the next year of your life you are paid nothing and treated like a slave.

You can't even leave or they try and collect a huge training fee. But they can force you out and STILL try and collect the training fee. Bad deal. Don't do it!

Anyway, I heard a saying the other day "good schools aren't cheap and cheap schools aren't good. That's the truth.

If I have any advice for people thinking about going to truck driving school it's

(1) do your homework
(2) don't be a stupid fish and bite the hook that quick, free, paid CDL mills lure you in with and (3) choose a school like SAGE where they really want you to succeed and help you get a good job.

I guess that is why SAGE is rated so well.

I give SAGE 5 stars and a huge thumbs up. They're great!

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