by Preacher
(Mason City, IL)

8 out of 10

They insist on drivers driving legal and will adjust schedules as necessary to make a legal run possible. Many driving options available to give you the best balance of hometime and pay for your needs. If you get home late, they don't take it out of your time at home.

I would like to see the miles more than what I'm getting. I also would like to get home on time more often. I also have the normal grips any driver has against his company. Overall not a bad company to drive for.

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Apr 24, 2011
Roehl Transport review
by: Anonymous

good company to gain trucking experience after CDL school,but move on after after A YEAR (hopefully with no accidents on your record)! They have a terrible turnover in dispatch, so after you master their deficient "process" you start to question their logic in making dispatch decisions, and you will go nuts....

again the best company for newbees but one of the worst for experienced drivers, good luck with Roehl -- you will suffer with them, but keep your record clean and you will find a better trucking job after Roehl, as many drivers did!

Just use them to leverage your driving career and take all their cooperate noise with a grain of salt...self- promotion of management to keep their high paying salary jobs..since the old man handed over the company to his son, this jewel of a trucking company has never recovered!

Oct 13, 2008
thanks for the info on Roehl
by: The Crazy Trucker

I appreciate you telling us about Roehl, always wondered about them.

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