Relationship advice is one sided

In everything that I've read about relationships with truckers over and over again it talks about what the wife or girlfriend must do to keep him happy but never once have I read anything about his responsibility in the relationship.

Nowadays most Women work too, not to mention all the extra responsibilities that we have. I just think that is one sided and I feel that he shares the responsibility of keeping the relationship going strong as well .

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Feb 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

My trucker just keeps spoiling me! What more can I ask for...;) 25 years and still going strong.

Feb 04, 2016
There is plenty written to each party about being proactive
by: Hervy

That's because you are reading what was written for women. If you read the material that is geared toward the man, it speaks to them about how they could improve the relationship on their side.

If you download the pdf on one of the pages about improving long distance relationships, it has questions for both members to respond to.

If you listen to the audio or buy the CD for your driver that is called Taking Trucking To the Next Level I tell drivers how they need to be mindful of how they treat their significant other.

In the book i do the same thing. On many of my YouTube videos the drivers say I am on the woman's side. Because since i am talking to them, I talk about how they need to do better if they care about the relationship.

So I always talk to the person about what he/she can do. I don't waste a lot of time telling the man, what the woman could be doing better or telling the woman what the man could be doing better. No point. You can't control that.

So I agree. The responsibility is on both people. I try to get each person to think about the things he/she can do.

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