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Is becoming an owner operator a good idea? and can you make a living at it?

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Apr 17, 2012
by: LORI

We are currently searching for a truck driver who owns a truck to do small local deliveries for us in New York throughout the week. We pay toll and approx. $35 per stop. Please advise if this would be of interest.

Nov 27, 2009
He wants to know about being an O/Op
by: Jimmy

If you are happy and prosperous, then, it's a good idea, right? If you aren't, I would think it's a bad idea. You can make a living at it, IF, all the planets and stars line up for you perfectly.

You have to have a business head on your shoulders. You need to have a "Take charge" attitude and a lot of common sense. It is not for wimps. There are so many ins and outs in this business that you need to know, or you will fail.

Scroll down on the left side to "Words of wisdom" and then to So you want to be an Owner Op. Hope that helps....Jimmy

Nov 27, 2009
Is becoming an owner operator a good idea
by: Hervy

Becoming an o/o is a good idea for the right person and reason generally speaking. In today's economy is a better question and many will tell you no.

That would be a short sighted blanket and safe answer.

A better answer is it depends on your objective and your situation.

Objective: If you think your going to get rich. You don't want to become an owner operator.

If you are an experienced driver with a good record you can find a company job that pays equally well by the time you take out expenses.

UNLESS: You have experience and will be hauling specialized freight such as wide load, electronics, household, hazardous chemicals, etc.

Whether becoming an owner operator is more beneficial or not also depends on whether you have inside connections direct with a shipper. If that's the case you will cut out the middle man and do much better than a company driver. Even with regular freight.

If you are lucky enough to have met a shipper or found a carrier that pays you more than average you could justify becoming an owner operator also.

If you have little experience (meaning your company pay is low) the jump in pay from your company check is much greater as an owner operator which could justify the move to becoming an owner operator (I do recommend getting at least a year experience though)the only thing there is have you learned enough to be an owner operator.

The other thing you want to consider is commitment. As owner operator you will have to work faithfully to make your truck payments.

Check out this page to get more info and insight on becoming an owner operator.

becoming an owner operator

Also Jimmy did a page on owner operator here
so you want to become an owner op

Good luck,
Thanks for posting

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