Question for Canadian Truckers/ Canadian Company Owners

by Cyril Agnew
(North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

On patrol in Afghanistan

On patrol in Afghanistan

I am currently serving in the Canadian Forces (Military Police) and am seriously considering becoming a trucker when I retire in the future. I will have a good pension and only want to become a company driver to supplement my income.

I have done some research and have found out that Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning here in Ontario, Canada

offers a Small Business Management For The Trucking Industry Certificate for truckers. If I were to take this course while still serving in the military would it help me on my resume when I go to search for a job after I retire?

I currently have no experience driving big rigs or my AZ license and I am planning on going through a local accredited driving school.

Also, how would companies look at my current employment and life experience even though I would be a rookie driver still "wet behind the ears!"?

I am professional, have served 4 tours overseas (2 in Afghanistan) and currently am a shift commander at my police detachment.

I want to be a driver but I also want to offer potential employers my vast experience that the military has given me in the past 24 years.

Oh Ya, I have 24 years in the military and I am only 41 YOA.

I would love to get comments from my fellow Canadians and Southern friends as well.

Thank You

North Bay, Ontario

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Dec 04, 2011
Request for Job in Canada


It is stated that i have completed my education such as B.COM(Finance) and MBA(HR) So i want to "Office/NGO/social worker/HR related job. i have IT diplomas’ i.e.. MS-office, Internet, typing etc.. If in your company having Opportunity so i’m ready please give me a chance please.
Best wishes…
Muhammad Saqib
From: Pakistan
25year Old.(Male & 5.11" ft.)

Aug 14, 2008
Calling Ex-Military Mbrs!
by: Cyril

Not retiring soon as I still like the military. My kids will be in university by the time I retire. I want long haul, to see Canada and the US.

Where were you from 85 to 88 ? I was with the RCD's in Gagetown.

Another question, where do you see trucking 5 years from now?

If you know of any other ex-military types that became truckers please send em here as I would love to hear about their transition from military life. Have been ã soldier since I was 17...Dont know much about life as ã civi.

North Bay, On

Aug 14, 2008
from a canadian o/o
by: bobbyt

first of all thanks for your service

i have been driving since 1978 including a 3 year stint as a 935 driver in the canadian armed forces, 1985/1988.

if i read your question right it sounds like a business course. if this is true and you are going to become a company driver, i'm not sure if this is going to help you until you become an owner/ operator.

when i got out and wanted to go over the road again the only hurdle i had was that the industry changed so much that i had to start at the bottom again.

i am out in western canada (ab/sk) so might be different in your area.

the only advice that i can give is to really know what you want to do once you get you license. eg. local, regional, long haul. it can be a very hard life if you have a family with kids and want to be near them.

i'm going to send some other canadian drivers to this site and ask them to comment and that way you can get some more views.

Aug 13, 2008
Thanks for the encouragement
by: Cyril

it's funny you spoke about terrorist threats... I spent 4 years as a counter-intelligence investigator! I would love to take what I have learned and say to an employer " here's what I have done over the past 24 years....I want to use this to benefit your Company!"

The more a potential driver can do for a company the better the chances for employment.

North Bay, ON

Aug 12, 2008
Great canidate for trucking companies
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hello Cyril,

First of all man much props for serving your country.

Well, I guess you know I am not Canadian but I just wanted to respond hopefully one of your fellow countrymen will come thru and respond also.

Man companies will love your resume as it is. If you took the certificate it would be a plus for your resume but probably a much bigger plus for your insight on the industry. You may decide to do something different other than driving or in addition to driving.

Either way the industry needs good responsible disciplined men like you so come on in Cyril.

By the way, that's exactly how you will be sharing your experience from the military at the very least.

Beyond that, I am sure you will find ways to share your experience with us. As a matter of fact maybe you should check with homeland security after driving a while to help identify techniques and habits to implement to make our highways safer and more alert to guard against possible terrorist threats.

Like I said come on out here man we are looking forward to you joining the brotherhood.

Let us know how things goes. Good luck

The Crazy Trucker

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