question about log books

Can anyone confirm SWIFT has paperless logs (good or bad) I am aware the rules of driving times have changed since i have driven last (10 years ago) but not sure what to can anyone brief me on that and how to utilize my hours for more miles etc. you know what i mean. Thanks

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Jan 14, 2009
on swift and paperless logs
by: anthony

I have a homie that has been with swift, for about a year now, I just asked him that same question 2 days ago and he said that they do not use that system, you write out your own log book, about to go to swift on the 27th of this month, take care.

Jan 07, 2009
about paperless logs
by: jimmy

Werner out of Omaha, Neb uses paperless logs. any trucking co. can use paperless logs as long as they are approved by the feds AND purchase the software.

I have heard of a couple smaller Co's using paperless logs but you gotta wonder why most Co's don't use 'em. you can't cheat...jimmy

Aug 04, 2008
Any Swift Drivers Out There?
by: Edger

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think Swift uses them. Maybe someone who works for Swift or has worked for them can comment. The only company I know of that uses the paperless log system right now is Werner. The comments I have read regarding this system are mostly negative.

Good Luck!

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