Prostitution, Hookers,Lot Lizards,Working Girls.

by Jimmy
(Kingman,Az USA)

Hervy is going to do a post about prostitution and I thought I would too. Between the two of us and anyone else, the unknowing should get a better perspective of prostitution.

Prostitution is alive and well in the USA. And in Mexico and Canada and the UK and Amsterdam and Russia and Cuba and Costa Rica and on and on. Temptation is all around us, be it food, loose women, fancy cars, bright lights, far away travel destinations etc. How we deal with temptation is what matters. Couples that have a solid marriage with deep love and respect and happiness are not tempeted to cheat. It takes strong morals to keep your marriage solid. If you have loose morals, you will have a problem.

Ladies, if your hubby is a trucker, don't worry about him being faithful, IF your marriage is rock solid. YOU are the one married to him, you should know how solid your marriage is. If you have doubts, then it is time for a marriage "tune-up". You tune-up your car to keep it running properly,so tune-up your marriage to keep it running smooth every so often. Plain and simple, communicate honestly, find out if he is happy and then do something about it. You must want to go the extra mile to make him happy. Work with him, not against him.

A trucker does not need to be at a truck stop in a strange city to meet up with a prostitute. He could be at home and go to a massage parlor, or get on the internet and make arrangements, or cruise the "Blvd" and get one off the street. Strip clubs attract guys looking for some action as do bars found in every town. Border towns such as El Paso,Tx have taxi/vans that take drivers across into Juarez for fun and frolic. They advertise via the C/B radio for customers.

So the fact that he works at an office job doesn't mean he isn't tempted to cheat. It is his morals and his love for you and how solid his marriage is that makes the difference. You as his wife need to please him, understand him, support him and make him want to come right home to you and not even consider any temptation that he encounters along the way. Words of wisdom from Jimmy.

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