Please gentleman, stay hydrated (drivers dies in truckstop shower)

by NickV
(San Antonio, TX)

Recently my fiance had some horrible news for me to hear. She works at the local T/A and had a driver come in with his A/C out. He was sweating profusely so she offered him a shower and explained that there would be an hour wait. He clocked into his shower at 5pm.

A bay opened an hour later so they called and no answer, knocked on his truck and nothing so business went along as usual. 11pm rolls around and they notice that a certain shower had not been clocked out of cause believe it or not when you punch in your code for a shower it is documented. Knocked on the shower door and nothing. Had to call the fire department to pry open the door and found the driver had passed away right there on the floor.

Im sure we have all been there when you pull into a T/A and fall asleep in your truck waiting for the garage to work on your truck. Or maybe you have asked for service and then dispatch tells you to go somewhere else and you dont say anything to the garage and just leave.

how many times have you stopped at a truck stop and called a cab or walked to a movie theatre or walmart.

Point is we live very unplanned lives out on the road. We are each our own man or woman and we do what we want. There is no telling where any one of us will be at any given time and things like this happen.

Also guys I know we gotta run some crappy equipment sometimes, I myself drove without a/c for a month. These trucks can get up to 130+ degrees in them. If your running a truck without a/c please guys stay hydrated.

I know we are all big bad truckers but it can happen to you. Quite frankly its not the way I would want to go. So be smart out there guys, the decisions you make can sometimes effect you for a lifetime. Be safe and keep the greasy side down 10-4

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Aug 26, 2010
by: NickV

Shoot I wish I would have checked a couple days ago but I think I still would have been gone before you came back. Right now im up in Washington sittin at a Roadrunner Transport waiting to get loaded for Maryland. We definitly need to run into each other though. Dont know if you would want to post it but I really dont even know what company you work for. Would be cool if we could all meet up sometime though. Bout to post me another question for yall. As far as the CD goes I gotta talk to my fiance about that. She hasnt said anything to me. You were at the T/A San Antonio right, not New Braunfels? I will ask her tomorrow whats up with it. Thanks in advance though

Aug 22, 2010
Left Something For ya
by: Hervy


I went by the T/A yesterday and left a CD at the fuel desk for your significant other to pick up. Let me know what you think!

Rob, (i think) is the mechanic that I talked to who put it in her space.

Aug 19, 2010
by: Hervy

Thanks for the story and great advice Nick. Good to see you still hanging in there man.

A month with out A/C, you got me sweating!

I remember I did a summer without A/C when I bought my second truck, summers were not like this year though! Didn't want to pay for the air to get fixed until I was sure the truck wasn't going to break down.

What part of the country are you in? I am down in McAllen now may be headed up to San Antonio tomorrow.

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