Persevere Transportation (exp car hauler needed)

by Eric Witt
(Midland, TX)

Gentleman and Ladies,

I currently work for these guys and they are good honest individuals. They have been very fair towards me and my needs. The owners of the truck are spread over Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX. I have figured out that more of the business part of the company operates out of Atlanta with Stan and Jerrold. The 'truck' pusher lives in Houston. I am about to leave them for a job back in the oil and gas industry. They only have one truck and one dispatcher who is the best man I have worked for in a long time. Steve is his name and he is based out of Ocala, FL.

I know that is a lot of information jumbled into one paragraph but here is the specifics:

They pay 25% of the load. I ran $6500 week before last. I then got gout in my toe and was down for a few days so the next week was only $5500.

They do not have any kind of health insurance for you.
They do not take taxes out of your check so you are responsible for that.

They DO pay every Friday and have not missed a lick since I started in Feb.
They pay $50 toward a hotel while you do your reset.
The truck is a good running rebuilt 2000 freight liner FLD 20 with a Detroit Series 60 engine. I just had a brand new oil pan put on because I hit something and cracked it. Along with that came a
good PM.

I do all of my logs on the app on my iPhone.

You are their first priority and they back you up on everything. I put a printer in the truck for which you will have to find a walmart every so often to buy ink. They pay all expenses you incur like scale tickets, printer ink, any minor equipment you might need for the truck.

They consider you the QB in this business venture and you make the calls when it comes to your safety and the well being of the truck. They do tend to push you sometimes and if you need extra rest or a day off they are really good about it. As far as home time, I think they would like to find a car hauler that is willing to run 2 months at a time. if you are interested in this please email me and I will talk to you about it and possibly put you in contact with them.

I am trying to help find a good driver with car hauling experience to fit in good with these guys. I do not benefit from finding someone I just want them to stay running.

Steve, the dispatcher is a really good person and he will try to help you in any way he can. He hauled cars for 30 years. He is a good man. Does not cuss or use salty language so I would ask that you give him the same respect.

Thank you for reading!


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