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Jan 06, 2009
o/o pay
by: jimmy

People, you must understand that the truck makes the money, not you the driver. Hervy said you can make $300k, well the truck makes $300k. out of that you pay for ALL truck expenses, such as fuel, insurance, tires, oil changes , registration, tarps etc and don't forget the truck payment!

Whats left is your profit to make mortgage payment, but personal items, food, clothing. realistically, running team, consistent miles, turning 25-30000 miles per month,watching your budget/expenses, you can net $50-60000 a year.

If you sell the house and live in the truck, have no "home" expenses, of course you're way ahead of the game. you do need backup $ for unforseen expenses.

Aug 13, 2008
Owner Operator Couple Salary
by: The Crazy rucker

Well man there are a few things that make a difference in your pay. Like if you are an experienced driver or not and the condition of your driver record. Mostly because on the best companies want you to have experience and a decent record even though you will be an owner operator.

Having said that. An experienced owner operator couple with at least a year driving experience pulling flatbed with a good company should be able to easily make $300,000 dollars a year minimum.(With the month off)

If you 2 drive 5,500 miles a week x 44 weeks = 242,000. At $1.30 (which is pretty low) that's $314,600 A year. That's $7,136 per week divided by 2 if you splitting evenly.

So, ask companies will they guarantee 5,500 per week and find out what is the average pay of their freight is. Multiply the average miles a week by the average pay per mile and you will know what average weekly pay should be.

But, know that all couples aren't built to be together in a cab for weeks at a time. If you get along with each other well thats cool but if you find yourself getting on each others nerves, lol, you may want to think twice. You don't want to mess up your credit by changing your minds and letting the truck go because its not working out.

Don't worry about the fuel prices if your with a good company cause your fuel surcharge will actually make you more money if the company charges the customer and pass it on to you.

This could be a good opportunity as long as you guys are on the same page and have the same drive to be successful.

I would drive teams as a company driver first to make sure you are cool with each other before you go and buy a truck.

Hope this help.


The Crazy Trucker

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