Not what I signed up for!

by Shelly
(California )

I have come to really dislike trucking! I am forced to raise our children by myself, work due to the lack of money received from trucking, and live sexless most of my marriage.

So tired of fighting over due bills, lack of support and endless days of just being alone. I would advise married men with children to stay clear of truck driving if the want to keep their marriage.

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Mar 22, 2019
You're NOT alone.
by: Nikki

I didn't sign up to be a Trucker's wife either, especially 600 plus miles away from our family and friend's. Raising our two boys completely by myself except financially. I don't have an ounce of help here, I carry the complete load myself.But if me and the boys moved back home around our families than the 2-4 days a month that the boys do get to spend time with him would be few rare. Sometimes I'm more than ready to pack up and go it than others I feel like I'm being greedy.

Now don't get me wrong I love my husband more than anything.And Up until he started driving we had only been away from one another over night just a handful of times in 15years. In the beginning I was told it would be rough the first bit but we would all eventually adapt and adjust. BS it's been rt at 6'years and I've not adapted at all having to be the wife, mom,dad,the cook, the referee, the nurse,the Gardner a teacher the mechanic, the plumber, and all the other never ending job titles I Now full fill myself.

It's easy for outsiders to point fingers and judge us. Because they've never rode on this emotional damn roller coaster that we ride day in and day out.

-To any new truckers wife, g/f or significant others thats just begun on this journey with us. My ONLY words of advice would be this: being a Trucker's wife is NOT intended for the week ones. Only the strong will survive.

Dec 20, 2018
I Can Understand the Frustration
by: Hervy

Not completely because I'm not in that situation but I can only imagine the challenges even in a 'perfect relationship' so when a spouse is not handling things in a thoughtful ideal way, easy to understand the frustration.

Ironically, I am premiering a video called Man Talk tomorrow night at 8 o'clock.

It might be good to ask your husband to watch it with you. Or suggest he watches it.

Will send out a notification on the RSS feed tomorrow. I don't have a link yet, it's uploading to Youtube right now.

Meanwhile you can check out this page.
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