Not what I signed up for!

by Shelly
(California )

I have come to really dislike trucking! I am forced to raise our children by myself, work due to the lack of money received from trucking, and live sexless most of my marriage.

So tired of fighting over due bills, lack of support and endless days of just being alone. I would advise married men with children to stay clear of truck driving if the want to keep their marriage.

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Dec 20, 2018
I Can Understand the Frustration
by: Hervy

Not completely because I'm not in that situation but I can only imagine the challenges even in a 'perfect relationship' so when a spouse is not handling things in a thoughtful ideal way, easy to understand the frustration.

Ironically, I am premiering a video called Man Talk tomorrow night at 8 o'clock.

It might be good to ask your husband to watch it with you. Or suggest he watches it.

Will send out a notification on the RSS feed tomorrow. I don't have a link yet, it's uploading to Youtube right now.

Meanwhile you can check out this page.
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