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North Carolina trucking companies are always hiring.  The Tarheel state is in a great location for a career in trucking.  While 1 in 5 manufacturing jobs have been lost to overseas competition, North Carolina economy continues to evolved and grow.

Textiles and Furniture are both still huge industries but both the cities and out rural areas also pull in manufactures and distribution operations consistently.

We have regional trucking jobs, regional trucking jobs, dedicated trucking jobs from North Carolina to states all over the country.  If you want to stay local, there are plenty of local NC trucking jobs in Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville and other busy cities around the state.

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The NC trucking association reports an expectation of a need for 13,575 - 15,150 in 2014.

Not only does North Carolina offer some of the best trucking jobs but getting your CDL here is also a better experience than many other locations.  In addition to the company sponsored programs here, there are many community colleges and trucking schools with competitive pricing.

You may be able to qualify for getting free training paid for by workforce also. 

With major industry activity and great location, North Carolina trucking companies are always hiring drivers to move freight.NC farmers grow, soybeans, sweet potatoes and nursery stock.

They also raise hogs and cattle, chickens and produce eggs and milk.There is a huge movement in the state that is pushing organic and niche food production.

There is still plenty of manufacturing in NC. Some key manufacturing are of paper products, electrical equipment, chemicals, and textiles as mentioned earlier. Huge investments and collaboration has been made in nanotechnology and biotechnology, genetics, and more by local colleges.

Charlotte is the 2nd largest banking center in the US after NY.  North Carolina is one of the most visited in the country and Forbes has cited North Carolina and many cities in it more than once as a great place to live and/or do business.

This would imply that the future of NC trucking industry will continue to be strong.  The NC

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