New to trucking

by Tim
(Greenville, SC)

I'm thinking about and praying about becoming a trucker. I am checking out England Trucking Co. training school. Do any of you have any knowledge about this company? I am 48 years old, does that make any difference with this new job for me? Is it possible to drive 3500 miles per week?

Thank you,

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Jan 21, 2013
cr england NEW
by: Tim

CR England has many bad comments from other truckers, Check them out closely. I might be able to put you into a good trucking company. You will have to give me your email address. Hope I can help you.

Mar 07, 2009
trucking in today's economy
by: Tim

In today's economy Tim, you want to actually ask the trucking company what miles are their drivers averaging currently per week. Make them state that they mileage they quote is not from pre recession.

(Not that it guarantees they won't lie but it will be less likely that they will and you may be able to tell in their voice if they are just feeding you a bunch of crap!)

Like Jimmy said 3500 is doable but it is unlikely that you will run 3500 consistently every week unless you have a dedicated route.

More than likely you will run a little more one week and a little less the next week. With most trucking companies you will have to look more at a monthly average instead of weekly average to get an idea of the miles you might expect to run.

Often when companies say that you will run a certain number of mile per week they are really basing it on a total for the month divided by four weeks.


Hey come back and let us know which company you went to and how well you though their training was.

Thanks man

Feb 19, 2009
Tim wants to know about trucking
by: Jimmy

Hey Tim, welcome aboard. I assume you are talking about C.R.England out of Salt Lake City. They are no better or worse than other large companies. They are established. You can attend their school, but will have to commit to them and they will deduct from your pay the cost of the school. Or you can attend a driving school and pay yourself and then not have that commitment.

Check out your local community college to see if they have a driving class. Most of the time, they are the least expensive. Also, if you have been laid off from a long term job/carrier, check to see if you qualify for state funded training.

You can legally drive 3500 miles a week, but probably won't in this economic time. Just keep in the back of your mind that you might not like trucking , but will still have to pay for your training that you committed to. If you go through training and then quit soon after, they will still want you to pay. Good luck. Jimmy

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