new driver fixen to start

by becky
(holliday texas usa)

just wondering while in big citys how do u get in right lanes to take exits i have drove in alot of big citys and still have trouble be ing in right lane i know it will be harder in truck because it wont get around like 4 wheeler is ther certain lanes you prefer i know the right lane u have to deal with ones geting off and on hwy & how hard to ajust being on road all the time??????????????????

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Sep 16, 2009
New driver general tips for city driving
by: Hervy

Hi Becky I know I am way late but Jimmy got you got good info promptly. I just wanted to add a few ideas while I am down and review the site.

Try to get good info from people in advance that you can use. People tend not to give directions from the drivers perspective but from theirs as a local. Sometimes they will tell you a road to exit on that is not even on the sign. The sign will say something else but it is the road they know.

So also try to get more than one thing from them, if they say exit off at Chandler ask them if they know the exit number too. Also ask them what is the exit just before the exit you get off on. Especially if they don't know an exit number.

If you are on city street same concept, ask for a cross street before the street you need to turn on and find out if your street is at a signal light or not. These things help you to prepare fore you can even see the street you are actually looking for and enables you to plan ahead like Jimmy was saying.

When there is three lanes until you get close to that street before your turn this way you don't have to ride the right lane behind traffic turning or exiting but you also will not be in the middle lane holding up traffic creeping trying to read the signs and look so hard for your street so you won't pass it up.

Plus you will be half way over in case your exit in on the left (which sometimes the person giving directions fail to mention)

Hope this will help, look for more tips coming here

New Driver Tips


Jan 15, 2009
What lane for trucks
by: Jimmy

Hi Becky, the right lane is as you said in your q question. You are dealing with on and off traffic, so the next lane over is better. Of course, you must be prepared to move into the slow lane to be able to get off.

Prepare ahead of time and you'll be fine. There at times you will have to be aggressive.

There's an old trucking joke about making a New Jersey turn. You put on the turn signal, count to 3 and turn! Be observant and you'll be fine.

About adjusting to the lifestyle, for some it's easy, and some not so easy. Some just can't and they give up. You just have to try it and see. One more thing about lane choice, some states have lane restrictions for trucks. So be aware. Jimmy

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