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by Luke
(Mile, Iowa - U.S.A.)

This here's the Mallard Duck, Comin' to you live Eastern Iowa, Mississippi Flyway. Whack 'Em and Stack 'Em, Stick and Stay and Make 'Er Pay. You got a copy on me? Quack, Quack on my Call back C'mon boys!

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Sep 16, 2009
my cb handle
by: Hervy

Your are funny.

So your are complaining about your precious time being wasted waiting for a truck to get out of your way on the road, but you have elected to waste your time here, on this site posting useless comments about how your time gets wasted on the highway because of trucks. (by the way I agree passing at 1 mile faster than the other truck is not necessary, especially holding up traffic but I digress...)

The rest of your comment of which you wasted time posting contained gross exaggeration unless of course you do such as I making colorful usage of exaggeration to illustrate a point. (which was not made in your case as you have turned around and wasted your own time doing it, completely invalidating your position in the process. Can you say null and void)

In any case . . .

You misspelled the word ignorant. (and I think you meant 3 mile back up and I think the correct spelling of "decission" is decision)

That's for sharing.

Aug 30, 2009
Sooooo! Stupid
by: Anonymous

The CB radio really does perpetuate the ingnorance and illiteracy of the Trucker. Perhaps this is why they are paying so little attention to what they are doing?

The next time you are pushed off the highway or forced to sit in a three mile block up while one of these "professionals" makes the decission to pass at 1 MPH greater than some other truck doing half the posted speed limit you will smile at what fun they are having with their CB's.

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