Modern Day Racism and Trucking

Modern day racism. Well, does racism exits? Of course it exists and always will but is it something that should discourage anyone from reaching to accomplish their dreams, no. Does it hold people back, is it the reason people can't excel?

I say it is an excuse more than it is a problem. However, having a mind consumed with the thought of being oppressed or being a victim, or being disadvantaged, etc...will have a continuous negative impact on the person afflicted by the mindset by providing unlimited excuses for slacking, lower sense of self worth, limiting desire to achieve, diminishing hope for making dreams a reality.

It's time to stop doing so much crying about racism and especially time to stop trumping up racial incidents as if that will somehow bring justice for true cases. That only creates an ongoing problem. If there is a desire to have discussions about race relations, call a meeting to have discussion. Don't believe all the reports you see proclaiming that incidents are racially motivated. Often all it takes is a person to look at the big picture and use common sense to see that too often these incidents are silly and a non issue or at least not a racial issue but usually a misunderstanding or represents a different flaw other than being racist.

Is There Racism In Trucking?

Evidence of a racial mindset amongst people who drive is heard on the CB, especially at truck stops. People can remain anonymous on the radio. That is for the most part where it stays. This is about the only way you will be able to experience any racial issues. Now that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, and you may see a questionable situation once in a while. Questionable is just that, questionable, often all you can do is wonder if a person is acting a certain way because of race. To automatically assume race is the issue is ridiculous and you suddenly become as ignorant as the person in question. Especially if you act upon that assumption without proof.

Out of 12plus years of driving I can only question 2 incidents where it seems the guy may have been ignorant enough to treat me the way he did (which was different than another guy blah blah not going into the whole story) because of my race. However, because that was the possible reason doesn't mean it was the reason, the guy could have just be that stupid and not been a racist. lol

Anyway, my point is, do not stay away from becoming a driver or doing anything else in life because you anticipate racial issues.

Racist people are the ones in the long run who will suffer from their small minds and big problems(with themselves).

Sometimes people create an disharmonious environment simply because they assume someone else is of a certain mindset (racist or whatever) because they will deal with that person a certain way without even being fair toward him or her as an individual person.

People of all races do this to people of other races too often.

Relax people, don't be so uptight. And don't believe the hype about judging being evil. It's OK if you have a judgment about someone, it's natural. (I said that because I don't want you to feel bad about that little voice saying that negative things upon first impression(or your assessment of someone), everyone does that, just don't take that voice serious and treat the person fair or normal, no need to feel guilty about it ). The problem comes when you allow yourself to believe your judgment is guaranteed accurate and so you act accordingly. Never act on your judgment.

Instead, in spite of your judgment (assessment)of another, force yourself to be normal and interact. Give people of other races, cultures, regions, countries, religions, etc. a chance to show you what type of person they are as an individual. Just as you would want some one who saw you and felt a certain way to not react upon that assessment without giving you a chance to show who you really are.

You just might be surprised at what you find out!

The bigger question about racism and you

If you belong to a group that experiences racism (and I am black by the way) then what are you doing to position yourself so your not affected by modern day racism as much. (I say this because we spend too much time talking about oppression than we do about learning how to overcome. Being a victim won't give us much traction to deal with life much less any specific obstacles)

Are you educating yourself? Are you learning enough about things (life, law, rules and regulations in regard to your job, etc)?

Are you an individual who uses values and guidelines of your own as a template in which to govern your life or do you do what your peers do, go only where they go, repeat what they say, and follow their lead.

Also are you representing yourself in a way that you carry on the stereotypical image which helps others to pass negative judgment or do you carry yourself in a way in which it's hard not to see that somehow you just may not fit the mold of what is expected from the common stereotypical view?

I am telling you to wake up and MAKE YOURSELF a better person. Constantly improve on yourself. (Mindset, image, outlook on life, etc guess what you will by default become a better type of person and you will not fit typical stereotypical images easily)

What are you doing to help reduce racism. The reason that people hate. There are a few that can be reached you know. But your attitude, behavior will determine if that happens.

Well I have gone further than I set time aside for going about this tonight. So I will end it here. If you want more you will have to get my book whenever it completed. (Probably 5 years from now the way I am going)

Anyway live man. Stop stressing about what if's

Racism nor the fear of racism will ever hold me back, don't let it hold you!

Wow, i don't like talking but I sure get caught up doing some writing!

See yous guys later.


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