How I experience racism at an Arizona trucking company

by Mexican

Proof of racism....I guess that's a tough one. Here in AZ, it looks like this: The white guy who came into the company after you and has less experience than you gets the new truck and the best loads. I get the worn out truck or the truck with the jake brake that doesn't work and get sent up the most dangerous mountain roads in Colorado during the winter or the truck with the failing 5th wheel and the shop guy looks at me like I am crazy for bringing it in. I have to tell him I had 5 other drivers test it in case he doesn't believe a stupid Mexican like me. I also get the truck with A/C that doesn't work when its 115 outside everyday and they still look at me like I am crazy because I want it fixed so I don't sweat to death in the middle of the desert. How often have I had a truck with a failing 5th wheel...twice so even if I weren't a christian, I wouldn't gamble with those odds. So then my truck needs to be in the shop for this and that, so I have to choose: suffer/risk my life/risk other people's lives or don't roll/don't get paid. Yet the white guys have the brand new trucks with no problems and they get the red carpet rolled out for them. The white guy cusses everyone out, yells at everyone and is picky about loads and everyone treats them like royalty. They dump all the crap on the Mexicans here so they can keep the white guys happy. The office staff won't even look in your direction when you come in for something and act like you have a nerve asking them anything. How dare I exist. Well I'm a legal resident, I speak good English, my record is good and clean, and I am a really good driver, twice as good as many white drivers but that isn't enough for them because I will always be what they hate. Thanks for listening. I will be back to read more on your site.

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Nov 20, 2015
Best of luck
by: Anonymous

Thank u for sharing your story. Racism is every where. I be looking another company too. I'm white but I don't see others as different. Your out to support your family just like rest of the truckers are.

A lot of companies hire and try to retain other races for fact they do get government tax breaks and the white drivers thinks it's of got to be all about them and not want to lose their job by the company hire drivers to drive for less pay than they do so they got that mentality of fear of lose there job to cheaper drivers. It's wrong of drivers to act like that

Nov 20, 2015
Sad People Look Down Upon Others
by: Hervy

Mexican, I hate that you are experiencing this ridiculousness.

Might be easier for me to say than for you to do, I would definitely look for a different company to drive for.

Having said that, just know that you are the bigger person than those who look down upon you. Stay positive minded about it and if you can't leave now make plans for leaving. Talk to everyone at truck stops to network until you find a better opportunity.

With experience and a good record, there is a company waiting to hire you that doesn't operate that way.

Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope that you rise above the current situation soon. Know that there are people who do see you, appreciate you and value you equally as another human being and brother in trucking.

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