Maverick Transoportation

by Faber

On a 1-10 scale I'd give them a 9 to 9.5.

Main terminal in North Little Rock, Ar.
Flatbed- steel, sheet rock, etc.

This company has been excellent. Going on 2 yrs with them.
-well maintained trucks/equip.
-good pay/benefits
-home every weekend (they take this seriously-if you live in an area they can't get you home every weekend, they won't hire you)
-well setup management (ex.; i don't believe the recruiters get paid unless the perspective driver actually gets hired- not this get them thru the door stuff, also the recruiters have to go thru the same training orientation the drivers do, no having the student drive why the instructor sleeps during training, office policies seem to be aimed toward drivers- I'd rather be out here- I'm sure the pressure is high to get all these drivers home every weekend there in the office)
-prepass/toll paid
-they give you space, as long as your doing your job (for ex.; securement is of course taken very seriously)
-good training, someone always available to call for help if you have quest about securement.

-working here has been a blessing, if i leave it would only be to try owner oper.
-low tarp pay (made up for by good mile pay)
-that's about it- everything else i don't like comes with trucking in general
-oh, home every weekend doesn't always guarantee a certain amount of time spent at home (it varies by the load you take home)- but- it's still home every weekend and they do a good job of keeping track of that system to keep you satisfied.
really is a good company- you do need to be able to do physical work.

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Oct 15, 2008
The Maverick
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hey thanks a lot Faber,

Very valuable information man. I have heard several people talk about Maverick. Are you the guy that I spoke to at the truck stop the other day about Maverick?

Over . . .

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