lot lizards at truckstops

Are lot lizards common at truckstops?

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May 14, 2009
Lot lizards at truckstops
by: Anonymous

There are lot lizards "prostitutes". They mostly are at the same few truckstops like clock work.

At some other truck stops, there is a chance a lot lizard may be there or not.

Lot lizards are not at every place a truck stops like people tend to believe.

Most truck stops rather not have the potential criminal element that is likely to surround the existence of lot lizards such as drugs and theft. They hire security to help patrol the lots to help deter lot lizards and other illegal activity from happening on the truck stop property.

Of course this doesn't always work 100 percent but it does keep things from being nothing like what people think it's like on the road.

Not more lot lizards than there is working girls in any town or city having nothing to do with truck stops.

Mar 07, 2009
Lot Lizards at truck stops
by: Jimmy

In some areas, yes. Rarely in small communities. Some "part time" hookers ride with a driver and ply their trade when stopped for the night. Jimmy

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