looking for help

by Jessi
(Canfield OH)

Your website has been very helpful over the past few days. It has been the first site that has allowed me to reach out to other trucker.

My father recently suffered a massive heart attack and open heart surgery. He is an O/O and now we need someone to drive the truck for us and get some income coming into the home. He has been a trucker all his life and I thought that by reaching out to other truckers that someone out there would be able to help us out.

Please if anyone knows of someone with dump experience and hazmat endorsement that would like to make some money for us and themselves please contact me. I'm doing everything I can think of to find someone. Please my family needs help, its been a very rough month and our poor truck is just sitting waiting for someone to come drive her. My contact info is either JessLW006@aol.com or you can call and leave me a message at 330 360 1740 we are located in Canfield OH.

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