Legal or illegal?

What is a blind load and why is it used? A situation came up at work where a driver pulled in and was loaded. A mistake was made on the load and when trying to find out where the load was or anything about it, was told it was a "blind load" and no info could or would be given about at all. The trucker pulled off with $3500.00 goods that wasn't suppose to be on his truck. The company dispatcher and the driver also said it was a blind load and wouldn't tell where he was at and no info. Wouldn't bring load back, even though he wasn't very far from pickup. I think this should be considered theft b/c he refused to bring it back right after pulling off with it.

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Sep 16, 2009
Information about Blind Loads
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the info. The load that was going out was a load of inboards. Just plain wood cut to the proper length.

Sep 16, 2009
Blind loads are not illegal they protect 3rd Party interest
by: Hervy

Blind truckloads usually hide from the consignee where the load originates.

Part of the problem with so much import from China is that there are businesses that exist because of cheap merchandise that they resell. But way before that there were blind loads. Large manufactures might make products and sell to other companies in bulk.

These companies turn around and market product under their own names. Sometimes these companies never actually have the product when someone orders the product they have the product shipped directly from the manufacturer to the buyer.

Of course if the buyer knew where to get the product they would get it straight from the source cheaper.

well sometimes they just don't have sense enough do it that way, but sometimes they just can't buy enough of that product or sometimes they may not qualify to get the product or access the information to get the product. If they knew the product was only 1 state away though they might go through the steps necessary to get the product direct.

In any case you see, there are middle men who don't want the buy to know where the product comes from.

This is completely legal and common practices and all about capitalism. That's what America is about. With the internet now companies are just about crazy to still be doing this unless they can't afford to buy in enough quality to buy direct buy usually they could if they would do a little research for themselves.

Of course then there would be a lot of people out of jobs so it's all good. As long as we here all know the insiders view.


Sep 11, 2009
You stumped Jimmy with shipping blind loads on a truck
by: Jimmy

I'm stumped. Never heard of a blind load. But 2 situations come to mind. Was this any kind of Govt load ? Another possible situation could be something similar to what Riley Wittle does. RW is a produce broker from Cincinnati that runs trucks (all O/O) that load produce in Ca/Az and do not have a buyer yet when it is loaded. But between loading and arriving in the Ohio Valley, they sell the load to someone. You could call that a "blind load". Or, Sometimes, additional product is loaded on a trailer that is not manifested, but is going to the same consignee. For instance, your company sells metal cabinets, a buyer purchases a truckload of cabinets, with the stipulation that your company provides a means to unload them. So, your company sends a forklift and ramp with the load. These items would not be manifested.

These are the only 2 situations I can think of that MIGHT be considered a blind load. Jimmy

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