Joining The Real Workers Side of Life

by Steve "Aligat 1" Hite
(Romance ,Ar , USA)

I have always found that if you respect the truckers , they will respect you . I mean , if it had not been for them , then you would not be able to buy what you have now .

Like you said ,freight coms by rail or ship . How does it get to the stores ....TRUCKERS ! And that not as easy as it seems either . Semis , Tractor/trailer and straight trucks are bigger and are alot more to handle .

More responsibility ! Think safety , drive with safety , and anything with safety in it is a true trucker . So , keep it between the ditches and may the sun always be with you .

See you on the road in February . I am on vacation now and not doing what I miss the most . TRUCKING ......

Steve " Aligat 1 " Hite

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