Jobs for felons panama city fl

by Chris
(Panama City)

(Panama City )

Type in cargo services -(cargo searches) in you area through this business page search .To find smaller business dont know if it will work but you may have a better chance known of the big companies are going to let you work for them due to extreme government regulations that are going to block millions of us from work .

I like this page but I think it has alot of cookies try pressing the (control and A button)and put in your email or just print it it slows my computer down but there is perhaps thousands of small trucking companies this is at good as it gets hope its helps peace

If this information has help you listen to this blog its my page .I think I was banned on this site because I cant stay loggin in for a minute i get kicked out listen to this one message its like 15 minutes its the reason why many of us are trapped in a rut .Its not so much our crimes that have us in this predicament.There;s plenty of work to do in this world there truly is no such thing a lack

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Sep 01, 2010
Jobs for Felons
by: Dennis Shipman

Not going to write long. I have a few projects needing attention. But I think this felony issue is a cynical conspiracy by trucking companies to force persons with criminal records to work for the worst slave drivers out there: Companies paying sub-par wages, with terrible equipment, forced dispatch, and demands to stay out for longer and longer periods of time.

By limiting persons with criminal records from going to the larger slightly better paying carriers (although I have no clue why one would want to pull for them either). Stay tuned. 10-4?

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