It's all over with!

by The Wife
(Minnesota )

I just thought id give you all the update on what when on in the past few days as I know you all wanted to know & I had said I would keep you informed after we lost the trailer we found it was in a tow yard & another truck had picked it up with us not even knowing it.

then the Dm don’t even know that but still tried to send us to go pick up the trailer they don’t know there head from there ass anyhow over there the truck got turned in we had the second seat did that & got the paper work all in & signed & They team drivers both started their new job & part ways. They are still really good friends but it just worked best that way as they both live in two different states

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Jul 26, 2010
The Mystery Solved
by: Hervy

Wow, thanks for the update! Sounds like a sitcom drama. Trucking is better than tv anyday!

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