it's a trick...

by tommy

that's for sure.

After driving for only a few short years during the day, night, afternoon... for days on end, your "internal clock' pretty much takes a dump, for the most part.

You are now NOT like ordinary folks who work that ol' 9 to 5 with weekends off.

You will learn to sleep WHEN YOU ARE TIRED, regardless of the time of day.. or night.

You will sleep even if a huge family function is coming up and you are tired. BEYOND tired.

You've chosen a lifestyle, and insomnia is a very huge part of it.

Once you've been driving as long as some of us old-timers, you will figure it out... or you won't.

If you don't.... you won't make it in this industry.

It's part of the life, like it or not. Yes, there are some remedies to "make it easier" to fall asleep, but personally, four hours in a row is all i can do, and its been that way for over twenty years.

Fortunately, my body has learned to adapt, or should I say "only require" that ammount at one time. It's a "catch-22" in that I can get down the road safely, and make money, and come home feeling rested, BUT, it does not allow me to sleep at home when others do. I'm up many times at night watching T.V, computer, whatever... while the rest of the "Normal" world sleeps...

It's not for everyone. Many times the sleep "issues" in OTR trucking are the icing on the cake for some. It will make or break you.

Traveling for long hours, from State to State, loading, getting down the road, passing that rest area or truck stop..... drinking coffee or some kind of caffinated beverage, or even smoking are both HUGE stimulants, even if you DON'T realize it.

You will realize it if you take someone who is NOT a trucker with you. Watch them sleep more and more and more, and they are ALWAYS hungry.


I don't eat or sleep a whole lot. Not even at home.

For me, it's part of who I am, it's part of what I do.

I get fatigued from time to time, but I always remember what Clint Eastwood said: "A man has got to know his limitations".... well, at that time, my truck gets pulled over and there is absolutely NO QUESTION about sleep. I'm out cold...

For four hours... or less.

Good luck.

P.S. ... Dont start using sleeping pills. Been that route. Eventually you wont be able to sleep without them. WHy is this bad? Because then, you WILL start driving PAST your limitations.

Be safe. Be smart. Get to know your body. Set that internal clock.

You are now a soldier of the highway... and a prisoner to it.

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