It Sucks to be a Truckers Wife

by Carol Cox
(Loco, Oklahoma)

Hi everyone, I just want to say I'm a 60 year old Newlywed one year to an over-the-road trucker.

I was not or should I say I did not have any clue about what his job was about except it he got a truck and drive everyday. I did not realize that he would be gone for days and days at a time.

I left my job, my children ,my grandchildren and my elderly parents to get married. I dearly love my husband but I cannot stand his job. It is tearing us apart .

We fight on the phone and I feel he doesn't appreciate me like he did in the beginning and I don't know what to do I have become very depressed because

I'm here by myself I have no friends no family here and I'm 3 hours from my friends and family. When he gets in his truck he's on the roadfroad for 3 days and comes home for 1 night then gone again.

I know that probably sounds good for all you ladies who are alone for weeks at a time but not for me. I hate his job. If he's not behind the wheel he is in a hotel room or airport .

I resent that the world sees more of my precious Husband than I do. Advise please!!!!!

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