Is trucking a good career

by michael
(st.louis mo )

is this job a career possibility.

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Nov 18, 2011
break 19 for some local,(no answer here!) NEW
by: blue bird

trucking is not trucking no more

Oct 17, 2008
Yes it is
by: Jennifer Schnittker

In fact, my son is 17 at the moment, I am trying to talk him into going to school after high school, getting an associates degree--perhaps a Bachelors, and go into trucking. The longer you do it, the more money it makes. However; there are down sides to it too.

Relationships--very very hard to maintain while on the raod. You will find yourself very lonely, but caution you to stay away from umm--the lot lizards. You may bring something back to your truck other than a big smile (if you know what I mean)

Money--excellent, and a great way to build towards a retirement if you are not in a relationship--and driving long-haul. Lots to put away.

Retirement--Many of the big companies have 401k.

If you are young, not married, it is an excellent way to see the country and get paid to do it.

Sep 26, 2008
The answer to is trucking a good career
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hi Michael,

Actually trucking is an excellent career for the right person.

Click on the Advantages and then click on the disadvantages. If you have wife and kids at home definitely click on impact on family.

(Quick Highlights - Good Pay, Job Security, Medical and Dental Benefits, Travel the country.)

If you are single, it is even a better career choice because you don't have a lot of the complexities of juggling family with being away from home.

There is do question about whether trucking is a good career.

The ONLY question is if its the right career for you and you can find that out by reading what is written on this site.

Any more questions holla back man.

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