Is there anything I should do to prepare for trucking school?

by Jeff
(Edmond, OKlahoma, USA)

I have heard a lot about being "pre-screened" or something to that affect before going to school or work for a company to drive a truck. I am planning on going to Central Tech in Drumright, OK and wonder if there is anything that I can/should do to make the application process easier.

Who does the DOT health exam and stuff? Is that something I can get out of the way before school?

Also, how do I know if I am or will be physically able to perform the daily job duties required as a truck driver?

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Oct 19, 2011
Gettin into it
by: NickV

Hey Jeff glad to hear of you beginning a new career as a truck driver. Some things you may want to do is call the school where you will be attending and ask them what all they are going to do as far as physical requirements. Most schools have a minor physical just to make sure you can see and move your neck and such. BUT they will more than likely give you a drug test which you will have to pass, usually you have to have a clean test before operating their vehicles in fact im almost positive of this. Usually you will have a few days of book time after which you have the opportunity to get your learners permit which will get you out into the public roads with the schools trucks. Only thing I would tell you to do early is maybe stop by your local DPS office and get a CDL handbook and study your hazmat, tanker, and if your feelin frisky your doubles and triples endorsments. These are not mandatory to take to get your permit or even your CDL but if you have them your ahead of the game. Endorsments mean more money and you can take loads other drivers may have to pass up. Now as far as the company physicals they are all different. They are serious about high blood pressure. I have seen guys spend 2 days on a bus getting to orientation just to be turned around cause of high blood pressure. If you smoke, dont do it the day of, get good sleep and yadda yadda. They may have you pick up boxes full of weights and walk back and forth, or have a make shift trailer you have to climb in and out of. Most had a box you had to step up and down on for 5 minutes then check your pulse. Stuff like that. I am 240, 5'9" and passed with no problem so dont let it freak you out. Its mostly for (sorry guys) the older crowd. Honestly they are lending you their trucks and freight and want to make sure you arent gonna have a heart attack or something on the road. If you are in decent physical shape you have no worries. Also they will ask about surgeries, sleep apnea, and illnesses. This is up to you to divuldge this info. If you had a surgery 10 years ago I would keep my mouth shut cause they are not gonna let you go any further til you get doctors clearance and that can be a pain. Common sense stuff. I hope this helps you out and congrats on taking a step toward a new career. Hope you enjoy it and let us know if your having problems with anything or have any other questions and we will get back to ya. Good Luck

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