is owner operator better than being company driver?

by michael canfield
(kalamazoo,mi -USA)

Is owner operator better than a company driver and whats the flaws. I'm getting into a lease operator and i need help. I need to see if it is better than company driver plus and is central refrigerated company a good company to work for please help I'm leaving Monday thanks Mike.

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Sep 06, 2008
is company driver better than being an owner operator
by: the crazy trucker

Just in case you don't call let me leave you with this advice.

The questions you are asking me tells me that you don't know enough about trucking to comfortably sign a lease.

If I were you I would first talk to drivers for that company. If the feedback is good about Central, I would drive for them AT LEAST 1 year before considering signing a lease. During that year learn all you can about trucking.

Talk to other lease operators about how they are doing there. Make sure that you can make money after fuel and truck payment after what Central pays you. (plus other expenses.)

After that year, you'll be in the position to be able to make a much more intelligent decision.
You also will find out that you may make close to the same amount as a company driver somewhere. (Don't know depends on the pay structure for owner operator)

So the decision to be owner operator wouldn't be based solely on the amount you will make. Really it would be how much of the business aspect of trucking you want to take.

If you make a decision right now it is like rolling a dice. In these times you don't have room for taking that much of a risk of things just working out in your favor.

You need to find out some serious information before you take the leap.

Owner operator is better than company for some and not for others depends on the company you will be leased to and it depends on the drivers situation.

In your current situation just from the experience aspect i would say it is not better than company driving for you.

lol. Wow, I guess I could have just answered with the last 3 lines.

Later Man
The Crazy Trucker

Sep 06, 2008
owner operator vs company driver
by: thecrazytrucker

Hey what's up Michael,

Man, the questions you are asking depends on information you haven't really provided. I don't know if you already signed a lease or not. Don't sound like you have much time to get information.

I am going to send you an email with my number so call me so I can find out more about your situation and we can make sure you have taken some things into account.

Generally, if you are new to driving owner op would give you more money but more responsibility and you should already know something about trucking.

However you need to be with a good company to make more money. I did talk to a Central Trucking driver about 3 years ago in Utah. He liked the company but that was a while ago.
And I didn't ask a lot of specific questions that you should be asking.

If you are near a truck stop man go up there and ask some guys that work for Central how they like it.

Find out where the driver runs and where he lives, how many miles he averages, etc

it's just too many things to go over for your case man, I have to talk to you.

I mean what are your home requirements. Can you stay out? Do you have a family? Is the truck new (Please say no?) Can you walk away from the lease, will there be penalties if so, etc.

Hey call me if you want to talk about this man.
Sorry I don't have more info about all that on the owner op page. Check your email.


UPDATE - Michael I just sent you the email with my number.

Check the next post I couldn't fit the rest here

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