See Inside A Big Rig. A Truckers Area of Operation.

Big Rig Custom Sleepers

Inside a big rig is like the cockpit of a airplane to a pilot. This is the center of operations in a trucker's life. Every manufacturer does it a little different but they all attempt to make the set up from the dash to the sleeper convenient and logical. Some truckers are so into their big rigs that they will get every chrome accessory available. Now that's trucker pride!

You Tuber Mikeyssmail guides you through his KW

Big rigs come i various sizes. From day cabs with no bunks to extended frames with a long wheel base. As a beginning trucker, you truck will be average and set up for efficiency. Most companies will give you the size and type of rig needed to do the job comfortably. As time goes on and companies compete for drivers, they will push up standards in features of the inside of the truck. Premium trucking companies will also use big rigs with a little floss to them.

You will see some of these upgraded big rigs on the highway if you pay attention to the shine.

Big Rig Top

Big Rig Burnouts

A Trucker's Life
Choosing A Company
Advantages of Becoming A trucker

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CDL Training


The best route to your CDL depends on your situation.

If there is a community college near you, it may be your best choice.

However, there are many good private schools programs too. Some people will have no choice but attending trucking company training and many of those are good too. Some questions to ask...

  • How long will you have to drive for them to pay off the training?
  • What is the penalty for breaking contract? (If possible, don't break the contract.)
  • How many hours behind the wheel drive time
  • What expenses are you responsible for during training?
  • How much is pay after getting your CDL? Some pay is a set amount and some pay mileage. You just need to know what to expect.

    I just think it is important because most drivers assume they will be getting a regular trucker's salary. Often not true.

Types of Trucking Jobs

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