In A roll over semi accident and partner did it while I was in sleeper berth

In a rollover semi accident when team driver wrecked while I was in sleeper berth and after 3 months of intense physical therapy.

I am not better, shoulder was dislocated, a concussion from head injury that is not even being treated and other injuries, but the workmen's comp is only treating the shoulder injury.

I am afraid I won't be able to drive again and they are doing nothing for me but keeping me in GA My partner rolled the truck in K.C MO, and I was in ICU unit in MO and company made us go to GA where they are, and I wonder how to get help for the other things

I have suffered, and can I do a personal injury suit in MO where accident happened they are telling me just because I was in sleeper berth off duty because we were a team I technically was still working. Really? I can't even simply type for a good hour how can I get help when their workman's comp doctor won't find out what else I need to fix my shoulder the ICU said I would probably need surgery but the company is calling all shots since the doctor works for them. Has anyone been through this I am devasted I just can't work at this any more and it has been my life for the last 20 years I didn't do anything wrong and the other team driver got out of it without a scratch of coarse he was fired. Any help out there.

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