if a trucking company tell you,you will be home weekend,is that true?

by r.martin

been driving a truck localy for past 3 years,company is losing there biggest contract so im going to be laid off soon.cant pay the bills on what i will get on unemployment.us xpress told me they have a regional job for me but after talking to some other drivers they tell me they just say that to get you to work for them and then they keep you on the road for weeks at a time.should i trust them or cut back and take the unemployment check?

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May 08, 2011
by: NickV

They are all liars. I am the type of person who is pretty vulnerable and I thought the same thing. Man these recruiters are so nice and its like talking to a friend and they will promise you whatever you want to hear. You get hired and that dude gets his pay for doin what he does and the reality sets in and more times then often everything that recruiter told you is all just a big cloud of smoke. But your in, youve done your physical, orientation, travel to get to orientation so you figure I will put up with it since I have gone to all this trouble. My experiences have been horrible with these big companies. They tell you they care about you and your family spending time together but its all a bunch of bs to get you in the door. I was promised to get home to hear my sons heartbeat for the first time but the company had a "emergency" and I had to take a load from Texas to Kansas...got hired on telling me a regional position only movin Texas and Louisiana. So not only did I not get home, I drove to a state I wasnt even hired on to drive to. They are crooked man. Watch your back cause aint no one else gonna watch it for you. Stand up for yourself, if you dont want to do something then say it. Sorry for rambling but this question opened an old wound. I hope you can get with a company that treats you right but from my experience its just a matter of time before they start stickin it to ya.

May 02, 2011
The truth and nothing but the truth. Ha, Ha
by: Jimmy

Well, OTR companies win and lose contracts all the time, so, what goes today might stop tomorrow. Plus, truck companies will use their driver where needed. So, for instance, you hire on for "regional", but then they need trucks for S.West runs, guess what? you gonna run the S.west. They say it's just temporary, but, might not be. Jimmy

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