I just am not this trucker type wife

by Tina

my husband is never home and misses everything all the time. I am again pregnant with our third baby and at first he promised to find something else now all he says is he's gotta keep trucking!

I'm broken hearted. My 4 year old screams every time we have to drop him off and our daughter doesn't even talk to him anymore :( I cry myself to sleep holding his t-shirt most nights on top of that I'm pregnant and he misses every appt. i've tried to tell him that we just can't deal with this but he just hangs up on me.

Plenty of times he wouldn't answer his cell for days:( I don't yell or scream I don't know what i should do :( I am very lonely and very tired if living our life alone...I'm thinking of just calling it quits lately hes been spending more than half his check Otr and what we get is leaving us poor as all getout.

he will make 500 and spend 250 300 then say he's Otr to make us live better :( we are barely eating while he's full! I have said were broke here and he tells me to borrow from family...but he's my family.

He comes home and drinks and plays on fb! we don't go on dates we don't have sex...well obviously we did 4 months ago... I have been told to leave and stay I'm very confused :( I probaby sound dumb. I guess I keep hoping he'll quit or start sending home more money but this has been going on for so long I feel like the semi is another woman who has stolen my husband.

How can he just behave that way should I leave or stay? please give me sum help I'm not as tough as a lot of you women I need my husband and my kids need their father we just can't cope...ps he's been driving for 5 years started 3 years after we met and I have hated it the whole time :(

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Jul 01, 2010
trucking is a hard way of life thats for sure
by: Anonymous

i know how you feel my trucker has been driving for many years and it is a hard life especially when you think what they are doing will be enough to pay the bills and get ahead , it sounds to me like he has lost touch and for some reason doesnt put his family first whether he is a trucker or not is not the question it is that he is not involved or caring that you and your kids are suffering and that is unexceptable if he doesnt want to be a family man then he should have thought of that before now please feel free to email me at moosewheels55@yahoo.com my name is laurie and i would love to support you i will pray for you and your kids God bless

Jul 01, 2010
by: American trucker

Just close the door on him. DIVORCE

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