i am not from usa is trucking possible for me..?

by rikki

Dear sir,I am a student, 28, a computer literate, and hold 2 diplomas including tefl(teaching english as a foreign language) and reside in India. Truck driving is my passion and love.I am so glad and impressed tht i came across ur site, its amazing and very helpful. I am really very much interested in trucking and want to take it as a career seriously for life. I am a good driver indeed and have no accidents or have never broke the traffic rules or got caught for drunk driving or anything like that, I am keen to be a truck driver outside india for a long term because I am loyal, hardworking, a good skilled driver, catchy, and can do it, and have discovered the goal of my life now!!. I never knew whom to mail to clear out my doubts which r necessary for me to know, so i thought its better to directly connect and get in touch with a driver already who has the experience and atleast can help me out answered my questions. i already mailed some people fr this but havent gt a reply yet. It will be very greatful if I get a reply back from you, because i am a beginner and dont kn the whole procedure for becoming a truck driver in us or canada, and am really serious and want to take truck driving as my profession for life, because i kno i am skilled for th things required. i cannot be recruited just now because i am a beginner, and will need a preliminary training to get started. hence i need to have a clear vision and the doubts cleared out! ill be glad if u reply back, because i have mailed some schools in th us and canada for trucking training, but still m waiting for the reply. my doubts to be cleared r:

1. i m not a us or canadian citizen, still cn i become a truck driver ther?

2. For which visa I must apply as I am a beginner and will need training for trucking and start as a career.

3. As a foreigner, can I get enrolled for any such kind of trucking course outside my country?

4. Are ther any physical requirements necessary such as, height, or vision to b a truck driver?

5. How much approximately will it cost to me, for visa processing and getting into the trucking training for further employment, if I do qualify?

6. I hold my national licence, and have applied for international licence. Can I drive trucks holding n international licence only or do I necessarily have to apply for a CDL before driving if I qualify.

7. i dont have any problems in english, i am a computer literate, hold 2 diplomas after completing my 12th, was a science student, but i dont like to work in a corporate field or anything like that, besides i have a passion fo driving trucks, because i love driving, and i think its a better option for me.
Hence i need a proper guidance to accomplish my dreams, if i need to get enroled, if can, and undergo the training. thanks for ur time, ur friend, rikki.

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Aug 06, 2008
Coming to America to Become A Trucker
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hello Rikki,

Sorry it took so long for me to respond man, hope you didn't give up on me. Times been crazy and I really wanted to have more information for you but since I won't have a lot of time to check this out for you I will just give you the info I have right now.

I ran across this article about a company trying to work out plans with your government in India on doing some training there for drivers to come here to the USA and drive here is an excerpt from the article.

"The requirements are that you have to have five years of heavy driving experience on tractor-trailer trucks, you have to be HIV-negative, have a clean police record, verifiable references that the government in India can verify."

H-2B visas is what they said you would need.
Here is the complete article address.

Here is where you can find info on the company

As far as the requirements here for driving a commercial vehicle. You must be 21 for interstate driving and have 20/40 vision. No weight or height requirements. Physical requirements are basically the ability to perform duties that may be required as a commercial driver. (kind of vague I know) If you are in good health then you pretty much will pass the Department of Transportation physical that is required for licensing.

There are a few things that would render you disqualified though. Sounds like you are pretty much good to go with your driver record but here is the Federal Motor Carriers Site Address with all the info you'll need about the requirements to get a cdl here in the US.


Hope this helped you some. Come back and let us know how its going. Good luck man.

Sounds like you been through a lot of training and education in different areas before deciding on trucking. I know what you mean, I can't do the office thing either, unless its my office so I can leave when I want. I hope you are able to successfully give trucking a try too.

Post me a pic of the neighborhood in India.

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