I am asking for some real, honest, non judgmental advice for information on who would hire me with drug felonies.

by James C
(Tampa, Florida )

I am asking for real advice and please do not judge or feel the need to make any remarks that could be negative. I come from a career of 20 years in Fire / EMS. I have a resume that will show all the many different types of experience I have. From Hazards Materials Technician to SWAT Medic to name a few. However, I made a terrible decision that if I explain in full you would understand. I won’t do that because it will not help the situation because I have this on my record and I am over looked because of it. I do not drink or use drugs nor am I a dealer. In 2014 I was arrested for possession and sales of prescription medication. This was my first and only time ever in trouble and I am completely ashamed and embarrassed about it. I had 5 different medications on me that I was to give to “friend” I did receive money so I do admit I am guilty for what I have done.

He was wired and was working the police and the next day I was arrested. I was arrested by Two police officers I knew personally and they knew this was a ack that was in like me.

Either way I did what I did and now I am moving on to another career. The end result was 6 months of jail time, 18 months of probation. State of Florida requires that due to the drug charge my DL be revoked for 1 year. This was under Champer 893 section 5. I have documentation explaining that the revocation has zero to do with any driving related incident. So, I have 5 felony possession charges and 4 felony Sale or Deliver charges. Totally 9 felonies. I have moved on since. I am working now but did take 3 years for someone to give me an opportunity to prove myself.

I really want to obtain a position in Trucking but I have been told many different things I just do not know who to believe. I do have my Class A CDL but since I operated emergency vehicles with the same requirement that would require you to have a CDL it was exempted and I can not say that it was a commercial vehicle.

Please I ask anyone for some true honest advice. Please don’t judge and leave negative remarks because I have done enough of self beating for us all.

I am an honest man with a passion to help others seek happiness. Just right now I am the one in need.

Anything you can advise would be appreciated. Thank you so much and let me say I did write way to much.

Hope I didn’t put you to sleep. Lol. Take care

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Apr 26, 2018
Hiring with Criminal Record NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, give me a call 224-715-2881. Many companies in Trucking Industry dont even do background check. I can definitely get you into a vehicle and onto a road.


Jan 27, 2018
Stevens Transport NEW
by: Anonymous

As a long shot, try Stevens Transport. They have cdl training in Tampa.
Approved Tampa CDL Training Location:
8501-B Sabal Industrial Blvd. || Tampa, FL 33619

Due to rapid growth for regional and dedicated drivers, Stevens Driving Academy of Texas, LP has partnered with Tampa Truck Driving School to recruit and train new truck drivers in Tampa, FL. TTDS has an excellent reputation, and offers outstanding hands on training. Our strategic partnership allows new drivers the opportunity to take advantage of employer based training while earning their Commercial Drivers License. Once on the road, the graduates of the TTDS program earn up to $50,000 in their first year and $70,000 in their third year.

Jan 27, 2018
Last comment. NEW
by: James Comer

Thank you so much for that information. You are correct I have been told to do a refresher course. So I am looking into that now. Again thank you for you comment. I will check on those you listed.

Jan 27, 2018
Felony hire. NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't worry, you're hirable. Some companies may want you to complete a refresher course and get an updated DOT physical before they hire you though.
I recommend you submit some online applications before any phone calls. Then call and say , "I'm checking on my job application." If you call first, you'll probably get "No" we can't hire you.
Carolina Cargo hired a Florida driver that did 20 years for murder, so your chances of finding a trucking job are good.
Apply to these:
Senn Freight Lines
Florida Beauty Express
Carolina Cargo
Western Express
Carolina Logistics
Paschall Truck Lines
Flat Creek Transportation in Alabama
Roadtex Transportation
USA Truck
North American Midway Entertainment
OK, submit the online applications, then wait a day or two and follow up with a phone call. They'll have your application on file in their computer.

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