How Much Should I Pay a Driver for a One-Day New York-Area Run?

Just once a year I need to hire an owner/operator or a trucking company with several 53' enclosed trailers. The job is a bit odd -- they start in New York City. (I know, I know! The good news is that it's on a Saturday at 5 a.m. and it's only on major streets -- no loading docks involved).

We load up (driver does not touch cargo) and drive about 150 miles away. Wait there for a couple hours (we provide free lunch) and then drive back to NYC, possibly with a stop along the way.

It seems like paying per mile might not work here -- it's not all that many miles but it is a long day, and there's that NYC factor.

Another possibility -- drive out of NYC, stay overnight in the truck, drive next day.

I'm not in the trucking business and I have not a clue of what the fair price should be, or how to find people who are interested. Any advice much appreciated.


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Nov 23, 2011
Thanks! I need your advice!
by: Anonymous

Many thanks for your excellent advice. A Jewish trucker -- who knew? (My nice Jewish mother would be so proud!)

Hope you have time off for Thanksgiving -- I'll definitely reach out to you after the holidays -- understand that this job is not for you but maybe you can give me some advice on where to find drivers, rent trailers, etc.


Nov 23, 2011
nyc drivers
by: TruckerYitz

if ya didnt have to do that saterday morning, i could help ya out. but i do the jewish sabath, no driving rom friday sundown to sat nite sundown.

as for pay, i think most truckers that live in the nyc area charge minimums . it used to be 350+tolls for an owner operater your trailer. lots of guys do the pier work in ny nj area. so finding someone shouldnt be that hard.

if you are renting a tractor from mendon, or bidddle etc then a driver in the aera would probably settle on a flat rate for the day but some might want like 15/hr minimum

anyways i live 90 milkes from nyc grew up there and very familiar with nyc and surrounding area.
my number (347)YITZ-411

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