how much money should you have in your pocket the first day you start etc...

by parish
(san jose ca. u.s.a.)

i was wondering if i go with a company and am going to be an over the road company driver what kind of money should i have in my pocket the first day i start before my first paycheck and a little insite on what kind of clothes to bring etc thing you should bring with you because i will be going out with a trainer for like 2 months and space is limited they said im new to trucking thanks again

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Aug 06, 2009
New driver.
by: Jimmy

I'll start from the day you leave the house for orientation and assume you go immediately with a trainer after orientation. Most companies buy your lunch while in orientation (3-4 days), so you need to fend for yourself for any other meals. I've been through orientations that take you to a nice buffet, and ones that have pizza/sandwiches brought in.

All companies have different cut-off dates for payroll, As in paperwork in by such and such a day to get paid by such and such a day. Since you are working/driving 7 days a week and completing your trips 7 days a week, your paperwork will be getting into payroll 7 days a week.

As an example, paperwork in by Tuesday, paid on Friday. Most payroll departments just work 5 days a week. Then you have to decide if you get a check mailed home or put on your Com-Data card to access at truck stops.

In a perfect world, you need to figure $20 per day for eats/incidentals/laundry/cigs?/ at a minimum. Plus, I highly recommend having enough cash/credit to fly home from a far away place, in case you quit or get let go 2000 miles from home.

It will be 3 weeks at least before you see your first payday. Also, most companies charge a service fee for an advance. Jimmy

Aug 06, 2009
Lot to pack with little room
by: Jennifer S

You will need safety equipment, steel toed boots, jeans, long sleeved shirts.

You will also need your personal hygiene items.

Sleeping bag, pillow.

Pocket cash, depends on your company. I would suggest if you do, at least a few hundred dollars. This could also help you pick up incidentals that you may need while on the road

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