how do you feel about the cost of diesel

by stephen

any one who thinks diesel fuel prices are too high you have my vote

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Jan 10, 2009
The high cost of diesel
by: Hervy


Prices are down a little now but here is food for though Stephen.

A lot of owner operators were making (still is making) money off the price of diesel.

If you are not making money off diesel then the trucking companies or the broker is. If you guys are not getting at least enough fuel surcharge to cancel out the cost of diesel, you should really be in search of a better company to lease the truck on to.

That's no joke. The consumer is ultimately the one who suffers from diesel prices in transportation, the owner operator should profit from it cause right or wrong the surcharge is actually more than what is needed to make up for price hikes. That's always been my experience anyway. No point in doing it any other way. Can't survive.

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