Home of Record...?????????

by SteveO
(Roanoke VA)

Moved here (VA) from arizona 6 months ago.
It is temporary, looking for a job, Nothing here for me.
Want to attend a GOOD driving school.
Q: Will i need to change my drivers lic to that state?
Q2: What will I use for my home address in that state if the company provides housing for you and possible get relocated to diff state????????????
Thanks for any help

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Mar 02, 2009
SteveO is on the go.
by: Jimmy

The official rules (Fed) say you must have a drivers license in your state of residence. You do not need to acquire a license from the state you attend driving school in.

Sometimes, the whole drivers license issue can become a little murky. Defining where you live is actually where you receive mail. Being a homeowner/renter doesn't make any difference. So if you have a Va license and receive mail there, you're officially a Va resident. If you still have an Az license, you can keep it but need to have an Az mailing address.

You can't have a mailing address in one state, and a license from another. There are tons of drivers that "live" out of their trucks and just use a P.O. Box for an address, or a relatives address. I've seen drivers use the company address as "home" address. Most companies allow this, but check first.

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