Hey yall, been a long time

by NickV
(Live Oak, TX, USA)

Well fella's and ladies of life as a trucker, im headin back out. Took a little hyatis from trucking. Got to involved with lookin through the fence posts and took a shot at another company and things didn't work out from the get go.

Cant say for all but JB Hunt wasn't the best experience. Im leaving on a nasty greyhound bus on Tuesday headed for Ft. Worth to Link America orientation. Really hoping this one sticks.

Job says I am running strictly Texas and Louisiana lanes and should be getting by the house once or twice a week. Which will be good cause guess what else...while on my hyatis ive been doing a little baking. Got a bun in the oven! So hopefully this job is what they are saying and I can still go to doctor visits and such.

Also while ive been home I have been looking into a certain avenue that some may want to know about. There is a legal action you can take called expungment. This is where you can hire a lawyer to take care of things on your record that you may have done years ago and still paying for. This is a problem for me and maybe a lot of others. I just found out about it so I dont have to much information but it seems to be a route that some may be able to take.

My goal is to work up until the baby comes and hopefully get this expungment thing rollin and maybe the avenues of a local job will open so I can be with my family.

My questions are first off does anyone know anything about Link America. Ive seen their trucks and they are usually nice lookin but I haven't spoke with any drivers so if your out there your input would be appreciated.

Second, I understand that every company is different but have any drivers had a child and been allowed a certain amount of time off? I dont want to lose a job because I have to stay home with my wife and child til she gets better but if that's what has to happen then that's whats gonna happen.

I hope all of you are still doing good, being safe, and makin money. Thanks again for everything and hope to hear from ya soon. Sorry its been so long, had a lot goin on.

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Jan 09, 2011
Another job, Dude?
by: Jimmy

Dude, that's 3 jobs in a year, plus a gap. It won't look good on your resume. Stick with this one for 2 years at least. Jimmy

Jan 09, 2011
by: american trucker

Wish u the best of luck with the baby and new job.

American Trucker

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