Got reckless driving and speed contest dismissed can I now get my cdl?

by Chris anderson
(Hesperia, ca. Us )

Ok I have recently decided to change careers and enter trucking. About 3 years ago my own brother took my license and was racing on a highway and got pulled over for speed contest. that was one time that a misdemeanor was put on my record.

the other one was is was sitting In a parking lot and a guy started to literally peal out until smoke was In the air. I was the lucky right behind him and there was a police offer in the area that didn't pull him over but pulled me over n stated I was reckless driving,

so ya imagine that now that I have a 1 year old child. I now need a better job to support him. I applied for 2 companies and was honest about my past. I informed them about both cases and that they were both dismissed but they still denied me. not sure what to do now what was the point In a petition for dismissal on both of my charges?

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Mar 06, 2011
Guilty by association
by: Hevy

Sorry Chris,

that's a tough break man. I hope you switched up how you spend your time cause you don't want to keep ending up with negative issues to deal with connected with the environment your end.

Whether you guilty or not, it's easy to end up suffering some of the consequences.

You definitely should keep trying to get jobs though. You might want to see about taking a defensive driving course too. That might counter some of the negativity from the other charges.

Dismissed charges still shows up on your Drivers Licenses Report in Carolina. I don't know if they do in California.

If they do, it would do no good to not mention it.

I would ask where you are applying at though if you need to list dismissed cases. They may very well say not to list them.

Good luck, stay in the game, and stay positive man.

Mar 05, 2011
Should you list dismissed tickets when applying for a trucking job
by: Anonymous

Since they was dismissed i would not list them just make sure they are not on your dac report. or your record if they are get them removed

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