Glendale Community College

by Daniel
(Tempe, AZ)

Glendale Community College, was great. I bet is one of the best in the entire state. All the trainers have over 1 million miles or over, and over 10 years over the road.

The problem was Swift. I use to drive for them, and most of the time I got checks for under 200 dollars a week. Considering the fact that I was driving 48 states and I been 7 days out of 7 rolling, that was nothing.
Driver managers from Swift are very rude an uncooperative with their drivers. After we have been told hundreds of times to fallow the rules. Not to accept overloads, or to enter to some streets, not build for trucks, guess what they did? When I refuse a load because it was too heavy.
I was told to wait, which, I did, for another 24 hours!!
They are still good if you need a shower, or any maintenance for the truck. But money wise, they are jerks! I won't recommend that "Company" to anyone, but of course, it is up to you. They did the "best" they could to kick out of trucking 11 friends, all, great drivers, some ex veterans, for no reason! I will celebrate if that company will bankrupt! I hope they will.

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