Girlfriend and I are thinking about team trucking

by Jake

We have been together 6yrs thinking of doing this to save money for a house. Would you recommend this?

Also, many dogs can you have? We have two small dogs that don't shed.

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Dec 05, 2013
Trucking can help you retire early NEW
by: Hervy

Jake, I think what you and your girlfriend are thinking about doing is an awesome idea.

Take a read on this page about using trucking to create wealth. I wrote it years ago, and it speaks to single truckers but if you read the page, I think you will see that the core principles and concepts are relevant today and to couples.

To summarize what you will read (its a long article)

Get on the road, stay on the road. Take your breaks in places you wanted to visit anyway. But don't blow your money there.

Don't waste money on an apartment. Save that money to buy a house at a steal for cash, whether it's a tax lien property or foreclosure, etc (or fixer upper if you can do some of the work)

You can start looking for these deals once you save up $5,000 for emergency savings which you won't touch. Then $10,000 to invest in property.

Depending on what you find, that will cover the cost or be a substantial down payment. Don't move until you get a steal. You are pressed and they are out there. This way you have immediate equity which increases your net worth.

(Just giving you numbers and ideas to work with, do your own research while you are saving and on the road, you'll have the internet)

If you are ready at that point, you occupy when it's ready. If you are still loving the road and not ready to stop, you rent it out to someone who is stable. (Do a good background check, seriously)

Now you already have income and equity, no problem getting a loan. If it is not paid for, you might opt to pay it off and see if the tenant is a good one.

Then repeat, buy another property the say way.

By this time you will have learned more about buying property, where to find deals, etc.

Now, you are driving because because you love to drive and your livelyhood is not dependent upon one source of income.

If you document this journey while you are doing it, you can also blog about it, create ebooks about it, make videos about it and add yet another revenue stream because others who want to experience what you have done will want to know exactly how you did it. Sell your story.

Now you have diversified your income and it requires less of your time and attention. It won't be long before your money is making you money.

You do the type of work you love to do and live the life people dream of. Show others how to do the same.

Now you get paid for seminars, teaching, speaking, etc. Mo money.

Meanwhile you help a lot of people also live their dream.

So there you go, Jake. Use that template and make it your own. Here is the page...

Using trucking to create wealth

The reason trucking is so powerful for this is because you don't need a place to live and you don't have to burn gas everyday going to work. In 10 years or less, you could position yourself to retire, if you wanted to.

Have fun and share your success with others,

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