Can't park in apartment complex parking lot

We live in a large apartment complex & there is an area over by one of the buildings that my husband could park the tractor when he got home time.

Now it does not specify anywhere in the lease that you cannot park RVs, tractors or boats in the parking lot. And my husband was going to park the tractor over by where a retired couple have their RV parked.

Well I told the manager about him going to park the tractor & she said to me why can't he park the tractor outside of the apartment complex over by an industrial parkway that is a few blocks away where all the other tractors are parked when the drivers come home for home time or maybe doing their 34 hour reset.

I reminded the manager that it was not in the rules & there is an RV parked over there which is much longer than a tractor. She said they don't want to be responsible for lines getting cut or someone messing with the truck. I told her that can happen over at the industrial parkway.

I think she is just being bias because she did tell one tenant that she was cut off by an 18-wheeler & she got in front of the truck & slowed down & when the driver got on his air horn, she rolled down her window & gave him the finger till she got off.

Anybody else experiencing this situation where you were told you cannot park in the apartment complex parking lot? & if you did, what did you do about it?

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Mar 05, 2017
Park somewhere else NEW
by: Anonymous

Currently living in an apartment complex and there is currently a tractor trailer parked outside, engine on and it's 4 in the fucking morning. Can i call the police? Maybe some people don't want to see a semi parked across 6 spots in their lot. Or an RV. Tell the old couple to suck it. And your husband too. Tell him to suck it.

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