Can truckers take regular passengers?

by Sarah
(Boca Raton, FL)

I was wondering if truckers are allowed to take people on the road with them. I need a ride and was thinking about trying my luck at a truck stop to get there. Legal/Good idea or not?

Response: It's legal. Some carriers don't allow it. Not really want hitchhikers but they allow passengers who are usually someone the drivers know.

Some companies only allow wife/husband,child.

Some companies require release form to be filed out with information of passenger.

Some companies require insurance paid by driver first in order to take a passenger. (some companies pay for it)

Having said that, depending on the luck of the draw, your attitude, presentation, etc a driver may just say come on let's ride.

Offering a tip will help you to ride.

If you are caught as an unauthorized passenger, for instance the weigh station pull the truck in and inquire, no telling how long you will be held up and what will happen to the driver with his company.

It's probably best you take a train or bus. Or, it might be better to meet and talk to drivers who live locally till you find one that will let you hitch a ride to where ever you are trying to go, if money is an issue.

Lot of people wonder why drivers are so reluctant to give a ride. Hopefully you see why it isn't as easy as it seems.

It really takes a driver willing to take risks or with the freedom to do it without negative consequences. Owner operator with his/her own authority and extra time and highly social.

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