are there points taken off your CDL for no brake lights on your trailer

by Arnold

Break light trouble. Are points taken your CDL for no brake lights on your trailer?

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Sep 15, 2013
points NEW
by: Anonymous

the f.m.c.s.a. gives points to the co., but the tickets can show up on your m.v.r. I have 3 over weight warning tickets on my p.s.p. and none of them are on my m.v.r., any inspections, however are required by the f.m.c.s.a. to show up on your p.s.p.
good or bad. the problem is that not all state DOT are reporting the good inspections. Think about it, how does it make us look when bad news is moor important than good.
Be safe and do good pre trips.

Sep 07, 2013
Depending on the circumstances NEW
by: NickV

Most of the time for lights an officer will issue a "fix it" ticket. This ticket will not affect your license in any way as long as you get the problem fixed and send in your ticket along with proof that the issue was taken care of. If the officer just didn't have anything better to do and was a jerk and wrote you a real ticket then yes it can go on your d.a.c. Some officers will take it upon themselves to make an example out of you. If your doing the proper pre trip and enroute inspections then you should catch such a thing, he will say. Although these things happen while your driving and some cant be prevented the highway patrol is getting a pat on the back for every time something like this happens. Its keeping the public safe they say. Its a double edge sword. Ticket and fine good drivers for minor mistakes, they get pulled off the road, economy struggles and hard working drivers lose their jobs.

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