ye ole tree climber CB handle

by ye ole tree cliamer
(Rochester NH)

hey its

mikesmeangreen / metal polish

the big news is we make a long lasting REFLECTION.

if ya'll ever get to Dysarts truck stop down Maine stop by an ask'em for mikemengreen / metal polish.

Now we would love to hear from any of you men or lady truck drivers. stop by and say hoodie some time.

just an ole retired trucker but got'er done.

mikesmeangreen for all yer shinny parts.

I love this site seeing i'm in the mood to tell some good ole stories from the road.

with over three milion miles I have plenty of them.

stop by and let's chat some day let me know the new ways of trucking out there.

always glade to hear from any of you.

ya'll see I started way back in the early 50ts trucking so been a lot of moons ago.

most of the companys I knew have gone now or eaten up by bigger companies. don't be afraid to chat back i'll answer ya.

ye ole tree climber.

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