Worchester, Mass - CDL Class A I need this more than anyone!

by Robb
(Worcester, Mass)

I am a rookie driver from Massachusetts who is looking for any way into the trucking business. I am a new (class A) driver and as you may expect I will need to be taught some tricks of the trade. 95% of trucking companies are looking for the experienced only and that's the reason I'm on this site. If you are an owner operater and don't mind training someone to fit your work style then chances are I am the man you've been looking for.

I'm a very hard worker. I only have one gear when it comes to work and that's "hard". I can definitely show you better than I can tell you. My work history is strong and I have the references(personal and profesfional)to prove it. I'm tough as nails when it comes to adjusting to reality, changes in life and at work. Have never been spoiled by anyone or expected a hand-out. Have always worked harder and longer than everyone to ensure that I can provide for me and my family.

PS. I attended Parker Driving School in Avon, Mass

I can be reached at


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