Winter Water-proof Chain-up Gloves

by Thomas McConnaughy
(Hemet, CA USA)

The finest winter Chain-up gloves available. These gloves are made from first quality leather, and 100 gram Thinsulate by 3M.

What makes them water-proof is between the leather and the Thinsulate is a rubber bladder that prevents water from getting through to the Thinsulate, keeping your hands warm and dry.

I used these gloves on my truck for several years and found them to be the best for chaining up and they are wonderful when fueling up in the cold weather. When I found they were not available at any truck stop, I contacted the manufacturer, and started my own business:

These gloves are available for $12.95 plus shipping, handling, and California Tax for California residents.

You can go to ", or you may contact me directly at

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