Getting Rested While on Layover

I saw a video in which the guy was complaining that he had been on his 10 hour break.  He never got a load after that 10 hour break.  He ended up on a second 10 hour break. 

Then he got a load dispatched a few hours in. He said, since he had been off 10 hours already, he couldn't sleep again, and therefor was tired.

Of course, he had the video recorder capturing everything prior to calling his dispatch and during.  He kept saying he was too sleepy to drive and the guy was trying to give him suggestion and also wake him up.  (I could tell, I don't know why know one else could)

But the guy stood his ground on being too tired and not being able to go any further.  Here is the thing, if this was really about him being too tired after that 15 or 20 minutes on the phone and videoing, how could he still be sleepy?  I would have been wired and ready to run. 

If you ask me, he was just trying to get footage.  Or he was mad about not getting dispatched soon and wanted to get back at the company. Even each time after he said how he could drive, seems he was waiting hoping the dispatcher would say something really juicy for the camera.  Never did in my opinion. 

But all of that is just my opinion.  What do I know.

But here is the deal guys and gals.  If you have time to get rest.  Don't stay up and then not be rested enough to take a load.  If you have no idea when you are going to be dispatched, close your eyes and think about dreaming or sheep or something.

Layover will happen at times.  It's a part of trucking.  For people who say they can't sleep.  If you keep telling yourself that you can't you won't.  You have to believe that you can go to sleep and then close your eyes until you are sleep.

However, having practiced meditation and breathing techniques for calming yourself down will help.  You just meditate yourself to sleep.

Also try different types of nature music and binaural beats to see if they help you.  Ocean waves and falling rain can be soothing and relaxing. 

I used to take a half of sleeping pill at night.  To make sure I stayed sleep but when layover and not knowing when you will be called to run means taking a sleeping pill is not a good option.

What to do when on layover

If you do have free time and you know when you next load is going to be, find something productive to do with your free time.  Don't waste it all on the CD or watching TV.  So some reading or writing or listening to motivational material.

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